You can contact me at:

polyps email address

I don't put copyright on my cartoons, but that doesn't mean I give open permission to anyone to use them. If in doubt, contact me and ask!

The cartoons are my main source of income, so I normally charge for their re-use. I'm happy for you to download and reproduce them for free, IF, AND ONLY IF it's for a non-profit use by an organisation with no paid staff. (Also see barred list below.)

If you're a small, cool, voluntary campaign group that broadly agrees with my politics, I want you to have free access to them with my blessing! Students wanting to use them in essays or class projects, etc - again, it's non profit, so feel free to go ahead.

For professional organisations that are skint I'm happy to haggle a reduced price, so drop me a line. I'd rather see them used than not.

If it's for a non-UK organisation then the fee will need to be paid in UK Sterling by bank transfer. Apologies to Euro currency countries!

If you use them on a website, blog, Facebook page or whatever, please add a link back to

Ideally, please contact me by email before you do this, as I'd like to see the site before giving permission. Unbelievably, I once found my work posted on a blog that also promoted Holocaust denial, hence my caution...

I think my cartoons appearing on a page imply I have given them my support, and so... I do NOT allow them to be used in ANY WAY by any groups supporting, promoting or advocating any of the following -

The following individuals (and their supporters) are explicitly barred from using my work, nor do I want it appearing on sites promoting them -

If any of the above do use them, I will take action against you - it's surprisingly easy, and I've successfully done it in the past. I'm an angry and intolerant person, so don't bother - you'll regret it.

If you're a nice, sane person and you download them and stick them on your toilet wall then you will have my eternal gratitude, plus a slightly more interesting toilet wall.