First things first... if you're wondering why 'Polyp'... all is revealed here.

I've been scratching 'Polyp' political cartoons since 1980 (for Leeds Student Newspaper) and took it up full time in the 90's, having been a care worker before then.

New Internationalist Magazine, bless 'em, gave me my first big break, turning over a whole issue to STARVE TREK,
a political spoof of Captain James Knee Jerk beaming neoliberal politics down to reluctant planets throughout the galaxy. I owe them my career, I guess... THANK YOU, NI!

Since then I've drawn cartoons for anyone who'll have me, including Ethical Consumer Magazine, WDM, Christian Aid, War on Want, The Big Issue, Friends of the Earth, FoE, Liberty, People and Planet, Campaign Against the Arms Trade, and all the other usual suspects.

As for my politics... well... read the cartoons, chuck in some chunks of Bill Hicks, radical democracy, direct action,
the co-operative movement, Karl Popper: then stir and then give it your best guess...

I'm very active in the skeptics movement, taking both an anti religion stance, and one against psuedoscience - particularly where it collides with my political beliefs. I've recently published a collection of my skepticism themed cartoons- 'thINK'

If you're feeling a desperate urge to write to me and instruct me to OPEN MY EYES TO THE TRUTH ABOUT 9/11 and then ask me petulant self righteous questions about HOW CAN YOU DEBUNK THIS then don't bother. I don't debate creationist conspiracy advocates, so why would I debate you, given that you use the same tactics as them, and are as unlikely to ever change your mind?

Plus there's the absurd reaction we got to this debate, staged in the wake of the above article. After whining about New World Order censorship, these fuckwits then blocked me from commenting on the youtube page for the debate: a debate which they'd participated in, helped promote, filmed and then posted. Blocked from responding to a debate in which you're one of the two key speakers? It doesn't get more pathetic than that.