56 pages of satire-coated ammunition aimed at irrationality of all stripes. Religious fundamentalism, deranged conspiracy theories, psuedoscientific garbage, climate change denial... you name it, 'thINK' sticks the boot into it.

"I'm very jealous, I love drawing cartoons but mine are rubbish, these are brilliant. An insightful and beautifully clear way of illuminating a world view that needs to spread to the darkest corners of the planet." Robert Llewellyn

"Terrific cartoon humour with a social conscience. Bravo!" Peter Tatchell

Plenty of hard-hitting sample cartoons in this gallery.

Originally published as a crowdfunded project, you can get hold of a copy here.


Little Worm's Big Question

The Co-operative Revolution

Speechless / Sprachlos

Big Bad World