Need a prop for your campaign? Contact me for a quote - polyps email address

Over the years I've built 20ft junk-o-saurs, caricature face masks, hamburger daleks, exhibition stands, mutant radioactive lobsters, 8ft tall articulated grim reaper puppets, spoof consumer products, crowds of huge staring eyeballs, and a giant all dancing all singing condom.

I've also written, built, produced and acted in a Punch 'n' Tony seaside puppet show.

You name it, I want to build it for you- and unlike other costume or prop companies, you won't have to spend ages trying to make sure I understand the politics, or encouraging me to use sustainable materials.

Happy customers have included:

World Development Movement
Friends of the Earth
Trade Justice Movement
The Green Party
Christian Aid
Stop Aids Campaign

You can either order a one-off costume or prop, or invite me to pitch ideas for your latest campaign.

I also run street stunt training / basic prop building workshops for UK based campaign groups.